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A call of compassion answered

The Hearts of Helpers

Art with a heart for Ukraine is a story of Love, strangers and hope.

A project like this comes to fruition because many hands rise up to offer assistance without asking. It’s a tale of beautiful hearts that link together to create good for the innocent people of Ukraine facing war.


See with Love: How to see Children's Art

In the heart light of the pictures published in Art with a Heart for Ukraine, and being an art teacher with an adventurous attitude that “there are no mistakes in art, just happy explorations,” I offer a few tips on how to “see” with love and curiosity. 


A small shop with a big heart : Patience please!

This is a new endeavor for The Peace Dragon, and we are trying our very best to deliver products and peace, but life sometimes gets in the way. Though we will try our very best to always deliver in a timely manner, despite our best efforts, it doesn't always happen. Please hold patience and kindness for us ( well everyone for that matter!) as we move through resolving the challenges...


  • The Peace Corner Blog

    There's a quote attributed to Fred Roger's mother, who told him in a time of crisis, look for the helpers.

    At the Peace Dragon, we were inspired to add another layer to this idea. Be the helpers.

    The Ukraine project was started with a simple question.

    How can I help?

    And the world opened with possibilities.

  • Breathe.

    Take a moment and check on your energy, your emotions, your ease. Do you feel stress or tension?


    Do you hear anxiety whining in your ears?


    Check in with yourself and keep your balance in check.

    You will breathe easier!